An Open Letter To The Father Of My Child

Dear Father of my Son,

Happy first Fathers Day. I will just worn you that this post is probably about to get really bloody soppy. Since Oscar is too little to thank you for the Daddy that you are, I will attempt to do it for him.

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Guest Post Series: Loneliness in Motherhood with Emily from MummyLinks

Emily is primarily a stay-at-home mum, but after suffering with PND&A she has been working to reduce the stigma of maternal mental health (see #ShoutieSelfie campaign and She has also set up the social project to help all mums meet locally for adhoc playdates safely (it’s invite/approval only). If you’d like to support her work please read more and donate at To follow her on social media head to and

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Dealing with Baby Blues and Postnatal Depression


A more serious post today. I wanted to write a blog post on this because it is such an important thing and even though it is a lot more discussed now than it was, I believe it should still be talked about more to make more people aware and to help those who are struggling.

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