The Boyfriend Tag

Hello, More a silly, fun post today. I thought that doing the Boyfriend Tag might be fun not only for me and my partner but, for you to read. So here we go (wish me luck). 1. When is my birthday? (What is my sign?) Your birthday is 29th June and your sign is ...... Continue Reading →

If We Met For Coffee…

Hello, I saw this post circulating and I thought that it was such a good idea for a post. A sort of get to know me, informal chatty post. Let's start off by me saying if we met for coffee I would no doubt be sipping a latte. It is my favourite, my tried and... Continue Reading →

Mystery Blogger Award

Hello, I'm rather nervous. This is my first ever blogger award I've been nominated for, let's give it a go aye. I was nominated by the lovely Autumn's Mummy over at Rules Put the award logo/image in your post. List all the rules. Thank whoever nominated you and leave a link to their blog. Tell... Continue Reading →

Workwear Haul

Hello, I am currently on maternity leave and am due to go back to work in about a months time and as a lot of you fellow mummy's out there will know - after you have a baby certain items of clothing no longer bloody fit and/or no longer look right on your body shape.... Continue Reading →

Homeware Haul: Nursery Edition

Hello, My seven-month-old son has recently been moved into his own room. He is currently in a crib but, we are hoping to move him into his cot bed very soon. I have been getting some bits and pieces to try and get his room looking snazzy so I thought that I would show you!... Continue Reading →

Baby Boy OOTD

Hello, The first OOTD on the new blog, how exciting! I thought I would share my 7 month old son's OOTD. I am quickly writing this as he is mesmerized by In The Night Garden (God bless In The Night Garden!!) Today he is wearing: Tshirt: Hugo Boss Dungarees: George Asda Socks: George Asda I will... Continue Reading →

Starting Afresh

Hello, After a lot of thought, I have decided to restart my blog. Yes, I have a new snazzy theme and have taken all of my old posts down. I would like to really start again and take more time and put more effort into my blog; in short, I would like to take it... Continue Reading →

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