An Open Letter To The Father Of My Child

Dear Father of my Son,

Happy first Fathers Day. I will just worn you that this post is probably about to get really bloody soppy. Since Oscar is too little to thank you for the Daddy that you are, I will attempt to do it for him.

Let me start off by saying thank you. Thank you for everything that you do. Thank you for calming me down and being so amazing when we found out we were expecting a bundle of joy and sleepless nights in a matter of 8 weeks. Thank you for putting up with the huge emotional pregnant mess that I was. Thank you for supporting me as much as you did through labour.

Thank you for constantly being there for me and Oscar. Thank you for attempting to stay up during newborn night feeds and for the occasional “go back to sleep, I’ll do this one”. Thank you for taking him when I need a break and letting him sit on your lap whilst you play FIFA. Thank you for always wanting to wear the baby carrier as it not only makes me incredibly proud but, it also saves my back.

I’m sure Oscar would thank you for reading the best stories, you do it much better than Mummy. I’m sure that he would want to thank you for letting him try all the foods that Mummy says no to. I’m sure that he would also want to thank you for being the funny one and constantly making him laugh.

Lastly, thank you so much for being the best Daddy that I could ever ask for for my son and thank you for teaching my son what it means to be a great Daddy every single day.

We love you.

K xx

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