Why I Am a Working Mum


I thought this might be quite an important and interesting (maybe) post to write. I feel like there is judgment cast on mums whether they decide to return to work after maternity leave or if they decide to leave work and become a stay at home mum. The most important thing to remember is that neither option is better or worse than the other. I am no better than a stay at home mum because I work and vice-versa.

Personally, I could not wait to return to work and before you cast your judgement and think that I am a terrible mother – let me explain. I, like many other mothers, suffered from post-natal depression (A little post on tips on dealing with Post-Natal Depression here). One of the main reasons that I was so down was because I didn’t feel like I was a person anymore. I felt like I was just ‘mum’ and nothing that I wanted or needed mattered anymore. It felt like everything I was doing was for everyone else and I was seriously forgetting to look after myself.

Of course, me starting my uni course helped me a lot mentally and then later starting my blog. I feel like these things gave me something just for me. Something for me to put my energy in that would make me feel accomplished.

I could not wait to go back to work and if you follow me on Twitter you will you know that I have recently gone back to work. My first day yes, of course, I was nervous – I was leaving my precious baby for a whole day but I was excited. Excited to work hard, excited to do something for me, excited to not just be mum for the day and really bloody excited to have a conversation with an adult about some other things that were not baby-related (ok, there was a little bit of baby talk and photo showing).

I am a working mum because of course I love being a mum and I adore my son more than anything in this world but, I need something more than that. I have never just wanted to be a mum – I have never wanted to be a stay at home mum. I love working and I would love a career as well as a family.

I would love to go on to have more children but, I will always want to be a working mum.

K xx

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  1. Good for you! As you say, there’s no right or wrong, you do what is right for YOU. I’ve just gone back, although I’m doing some days from home which is really tough as all I want to do is play with Dougie – at least in office I don’t have that distraction! Sometimes I feel as though I’m just “Dougies Mum” which is a role I love, but I don’t want to lose myself completely to that, working gives me something for me!
    Hels xx

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    1. I know I’ve had the option to work from home but I know I can’t resist a sneaky cwtch or play! It can be extremely overwhelming and exhausting feeling like just mum all the time! I think this is something you don’t think about until you actually become a mum but I completely agree I need to be more than ‘Oscars mum’ too – Keighley xx


  2. This was such a refreshing post to read!, I’m so glad that someone said all of this!, I’m not a mum myself but I see so much judgement on things like this, good for you for following the best option for you and your son xx

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    1. Thank you so much! I feel like it is so important to talk about as there is so much judgement cast on both decisions! I wanted to share my point of view to help other mums who feel this way. If and when you become a mum, do whats best for you! – Keighley xx


  3. Love this post! I felt the same as you did and do. I love being a mom but I also enjoy being more than just a mom. That’s I why I started my blog as well because it made me feel like I could express myself and have something just for me. And we can definitely have the best of both worlds.

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  4. This is such a good post! Although I’m not a mum yet, I would definitely want to go back to work after, but would be worried about the judgement! Abi | ramblingsofablonde.co.uk

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    1. Thank you! My best piece of advice for people without children for when the do go onto have children is you will know if something feels right or not! Do what is best for you and baby, don’t be scared of judgement – K xx


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