What’s in my Bag? & Mini Review


I recently purchased this bag from Boutique of Molly and I am loving it! I thought that it would be really fun if I did a ‘What’s in my Bag?’ post of my non-mum bag and also did a mini-review of the bag. I also have a discount code for 20% if you stick around to the end of the post.

So, What’s in my Bag?



I could not put this in the photo as that is what I used to take the photo but, It is obviously an essential in any bag.



I have misplaced my purse at the moment 😦 but, I am one of those people who never carries cash and pays for every bloody thing on my card (which my mum constantly tells me off for).

Powder and Powder Brush

I use the Too Faced Cocoa Contour palette in my makeup routine. I only carry it in my bag in the day for the face powder, not for the contour. As it is getting a little hotter now I like to reapply my powder throughout the day. Obviously, I also carry a little brush to apply the powder with.

Diary and Pen

My mind is like that of a goldfish. I don’t remember anything! A diary is an essential to remember dates and I am very much a ‘To Do’ list person, I constantly have a list going!

Lip Balm

I suffer all year round with incredibly dry lips so, I need all the help I can get! At the moment I am using this little Ted Baker one in Vanilla and it smells amazing!


An essential for baby both baby walks or commuting back and forth to work.


If you follow me to twitter, you will see that I was on the hunt for something similar to the Jeffree Star lipstick in Daddy. I love the shade but did not want to spend that money on it as it is a shade I was not sure I would always wear or would suit me as I am incredibly pale! I recently used the ‘Back to Mac’ Scheme and pick up Whirl which looks quite similar to me!


I am obsessed with these rose gold sunglasses. They are from George at Asda and were only £4!


Possibly, the most boring item in my bag. The glasses I use to be able to see properly as I have terrible eyes!



This bag is lovely. It is so gorgeous and I think it is the perfect bag to make a statement or add a little something to an outfit without going completely out-there. For me, this is a perfect little bag to take to work with me to jazz up a boring corporate outfit.

As you can see, It is a lovely like pink pleather material on the bottom portion of the bag and then a more mauve toned suede/velvet on the top flap. It has the gold ring and chain which adds the statement to the bag. This bag would also be the perfect versatile bag as it can be worn as a shoulder bag or as a clutch. The bag closes with a popper.

In the pictures on the website, the bag looks very small and like it would not fit much in but, it is actually very spacious. There are five split compartments all together along with two small pockets – perfect for loose change, pens or your phone.

The Florence bag is currently out of stock on Boutique of Molly but, they will be restocking very soon.

If you wanted to treat yourself to one of these bags or another one of their goodies – you can use my discount code keigh20 to get 20% off.

Happy shopping!

K xx

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