Outfit of the day #2


I wanted to do another fashion related post as I have been writing lots of motherhood posts lately. I posted a poll on Twitter asking what people wanted to see and an OOTD won! So, here goes…

I am wearing this beautiful khaki culotte style jumpsuit from George Asda. I synched the jumpsuit in at the waist more using this black boyfriend belt from Boohoo. I threw on one of my favourite coats in my wardrobe – this pink one from Boohoo. Lastly, I paired it all with this amazing bag from Boutique of Molly.

If anyone is interested in the bag, I have a discount code to get you 20% off! Just use the code keigh20.

K xx

26 thoughts on “Outfit of the day #2

  1. In lumina

  2. Oh that pink coat! I wish I could pull things like that off, but they seem to drown me! I shan’t give up, I’m on the hunt for a greyish one. This needs to work because it’s beautiful!! You look great 🙂

    Rosie Mauu


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  3. Oh my gosh, I’m obsessed with that jumpsuit! I’ve always been skeptical with jumpsuits on me (I’ve never even tried it but I just have a feeling) but I feel like this one is one that I’d loveeee!!!! I also love how you paired it with that pretty soft toned pink coat and purse to match!

    xo, JJ

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