Controlled Crying


After carrying out a Twitter poll, it became clear people wanted to see a post on controlled crying and I also think this is a really good topic to write about.

What is Controlled Crying?

It is basically you teaching your baby how to go to sleep without things that they may get sleep-association with such as rocking and shushing. You put them into their crib whilst they are awake and leave them for an allotted time. Your baby will cry for a while but they will begin to learn to self-soothe and fall asleep alone.

My Experience with Controlled Crying.

My son had his 6 month check up at 7 months as that is the earliest they could get a Health Visitor to me (late, I know). She asked me how I put him to bed every night and I explained that either myself or my partner settles him in our arms and then we put him down – it is what we have just stuck to since he was born.

She explained to me that he was getting a bit old to still be being soothed before being put down and that we should try to put him down whilst he is awake. We both shrugged this off as we thought that is never going to happen. We continued with what we were doing.

Skip forward a couple of weeks and we thought that we would try it out after reading an article on it. We said we were going to leave him for half an hour. We lasted about five minutes. It was horrible.

Then, came a couple of nights of sleeplessness. For love nor money would he settle and myself and my partner were exhausted and getting a bit frustrated. My partner suggested we try Controlled Crying again to see if that worked. After 15 minutes, my son was fast asleep – all on his own! It was like a miracle.

Every night since we have been doing controlled crying and every night it takes less and less time. Tonight which is about night six while I am writing this, he went straight to sleep, no crying at all!


  1. Every baby is different, just give them time to get used to it and adjust. They will get there eventually!
  2. While your little one is crying, do something! If you stand there just listening you are going to give in and get them out.
  3. Know that you are not being cruel. You know they are dry, warm and fed. They will be fine!

If you want any more details or have any questions, leave me a comment and I will answer the best I can! Hope that this post helps.

K xx

7 thoughts on “Controlled Crying

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  1. I think we need to try this – Dougie is still fed/rocked/shh-hhd to sleep. We’ve vaguely tried controlled crying a few times but I’m not very good at persevering with it…Did you go in to him at all during the 15 minutes or not at all?
    Hels xx

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    1. The first time we cracked straight away. Honestly, put him down in his own room and give him a kiss. Close the door and set a timer for 30 minutes. Do something in those 30 minutes to keep you distracted cook tea, change the beds, write a post. My son has always been asleep by the end of the 30 minutes but if he is not go in a give him another kiss and then leave again, he will settle it’s just a case of getting used to it!😘
      Hope this helped! – Keighley xx

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