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I’ve been wanting to write a parenting post for quite a while now, and what a great way to start it with an A-Z of parenting post. So here goes:

A- is for ‘antenatal’. All the appointments you have and thinking your pregnancy is the world’s longest.

B- is for ‘bath time’. My little one happens to love the bath, she loves to splash and when she get’s us, she thinks it’s hilarious! However, this may not be the case for every child. There may be tantrums about bath time.

C- is for ‘colic’. My Darcie suffered a little with this, but for us a little ‘Infacol’ helped as it wasn’t that bad. It can be very uncomfortable for some babies, the best thing to do is seek advice from your midwife and/or doctor.

D- is for ‘Daddy’. My daughter, Darcie, is such a Daddy’s girl!

E- is for ‘earning’. I feel when my daughter gets to a certain age, it is important for her to earn her pocket money. Whether it starts at tidying her toys and when she gets a bit older graduates to helping pack the shopping away or hoovering her room.

F- is for ‘friends’. It is important to make friends or see friends you already have. It can get very lonely not having much social interaction. Go out and spend time with friends and mummy friends, it’s good for your little one too!

G- is for ‘good job’. Don’t worry! You are doing a good job!

H- is for ‘holiday’s’. We are currently saving for Disney World Florida! This won’t be until Darcie is 6 but we want to make sure we have got all the money for the holiday and more

I- is for ‘in one ear and out the other’. Be prepared to have to repeat yourself a million times.

J- is for ‘judge’. I know it’s hard but people probably will judge, take no notice! At the end of the day you are the parents and know what’s best for your little one.

K- is for ‘kindness’. Teaching kindness is one of the most important things.

L-  is for ‘love’. Love is the most important thing your baby can receive.

M- is for ‘Mummy’. Alongside Daddy, is the most important person in a baby’s life.

N- is for ‘Nursery’. Sending your son/daughter can be difficult. Take your time and look around the nurseries in your local area. Also, check OFSTED ratings, you can do this online.

O- is for ‘organising’. You have to be really organised. Juggling appointments, social life but sticking to a routine.

P- is for ‘potty training’. Potty training is a big thing for toddlers, getting to wear big girl/boy pants and using a big boy/girl toilet. It’s so important that it is started when they are ready and starting to show interest.

Q- is for ‘quickly’. Children grow up far too quickly. I can’t believe how big my baby girl is now! She’s in 3-6 months clothing and will soon be in 6-9 months, where does the time go?

R- is for ‘routine’. This is important in child’s life. There is obvious times when children will be off routine, for example on holiday. This is okay as long as they know it’s a one off and only happens on special occasions.

S-is for ‘sleep deprived’. It get’s better, trust me! My daughter is 4 months and sleeps all night through. I know, we are very lucky!

T-is for ‘toys’. They will (if they not already are) be everywhere! One minute one thing will be all the rage and the next it will be something else. When adverts come on the TV (especially around Christmas) there will be the ‘that look’s so cool!’ or the ‘I would really like that!’ *hint hint*.

U-is for ‘unconditional’. The love between you and your child(ren) is an unconditional love.

V: is for ‘vow’. I vow to protect my daughter and love her unconditionally (see above).

W- is for ‘Weaning’ a process we are about to gradually introduce to my daughter.

X-is for ‘x’ as in times/multiply. I would definitely go through it all again to make my family bigger and to give Darcie a brother or sister.

Y-is for ‘you liked that yesterday’. Or even an hour ago. Children will change their mind about liking things like you change a baby’s nappy! One minute they like it the next minute you’ll get ‘I don’t like that!’

Z-is for ‘Zoo’. A fun family day out!


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