Am I a True Cancer?


As you may have seen in my “If we met for coffee…” post I am very into my Astrological Signs. So, when I saw this post from Ella May Garrett I knew I had to do my own version for my sign which is Cancer. Like Ella, I went onto for my information.


  1. Tenacious
  2. Highly imaginative
  3. Loyal
  4. Emotional
  5. Sympathetic

Tenacious; I may have had to look up what this word meant. I would agree with this. I am stubborn as a bloody mule sometimes. If there is something I want to do or I want done. I will be so passionate about it and be such a perfectionist.

Highly Imaginative; I don’t really know where I stand on this one. I wouldn’t say that I am a highly imaginative person in a creative sense but, I am a really big dreamer (and daydreamer). I think about my goals and my future a lot. Probably more than normal. I am also a person who dreams a lot at night and I have really vivid dreams. I don’t know if all of that counts but I am putting it anyway.

Loyal; I would say that I am an extremely loyal person to the people that I love.

Emotional; This is 100% true. I am one of the most emotional people God put breath into. There are no two ways about it. I am a cryer, I love a good cry, I find it so therapeutic and feel so much better after one. I am also a very open book about my feelings and emotions, I will always have to tell someone how I feel.

Sympathetic; This is really true. I really struggle with being way too sympathetic and empathetic, if someone I love is upset it will really bloody upset and bother me.


  1. Moody
  2. Pessimistic
  3. Suspicious
  4. Manipulative
  5. Insecure

Moody; I am so moody sometimes. By nature I really hate confrontation and I psychically cannot bring myself to argue with people (there have been some acceptions). I just strop, I am so stroppy. But, I will have my moment and probably be completely fine in 10 minutes, much like a toddler.

Pessimistic; Going back to the moody point, if I am feeling a bit moody, the likelihood is that I am going to be pessimistic but I can be completely on the other end of the spectrum and be so bloody optimistic.

Suspicious; YES YES YES. I over think EVERYTHING… I am not making myself sound too good in this post. Anyway, Everything people do or say the likelihood is I will think about it for about 3 days and suspect that you mean something by it when you probably didn’t or that a certain situation meant something when it probably didn’t.

Manipulative; Personally, I really do not think (and hope) that I am not manipulative. If anything I think that I can often be really easily manipulated.

Insecure; Definitely, I have always suffered from being insecure about everything. I have a really low self-esteem and have struggled with body imaged so everything makes me insecure. I drag myself down a lot. Take this post for example, do you know how easy it was to write about the “weaknesses” and how difficult it was for me to write about my “strengths”?

Am I a true Cancer?

Yes, I would very much consider myself a true Cancer. I think apart from a couple which were a little bit off. I really suit the traits of a Cancer which is really just a big loving cry baby!

I would love to read your versions! If you write your own please make sure to let me know so I can have a read.

K xx

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