My Thoughts on Co Sleeping


Stepping into a controversial mummy topic today. Remember these are only my opinions and I would highly suggest you read all the facts and other people’s opinions before you come to your own.

When I first had my son I was so amendment that I WAS NOT EVER EVER GOING TO CO-SLEEP. If I am completely honest I did stick to that for a while, I really did not like the idea of having my tiny 7lbs 5oz angel of a baby in the big scary bed with us. So, I persisted and always soothed him until he went to sleep and put him down into his Moses basket/crib.

As he got bigger, I began to worry less. I began to allow him to sleep in the bed with me for the occasional nap. Then, the teething started. Bless them, they are so so poorly when they are teething that for love nor money you can just soothe them and put them down. They just want to be close to mummy or daddy, they need a cwtch (cuddle, for all the non-welsh readers).

Personally, I see nothing wrong with now and again if they are unwell. I think it is actually quite nice for both them and you. Obviously, It must not become habit but, on occasion, I do not see anything wrong at all! As long as you are following steps to ensure it is as safe as possible.

If you are worried you can speak to your health visitor and they will help you out by telling you ways to keep co-sleeping as safe as possible.

Hope this helped!

K xx

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