The Boyfriend Tag


More a silly, fun post today. I thought that doing the Boyfriend Tag might be fun not only for me and my partner but, for you to read. So here we go (wish me luck).

1. When is my birthday? (What is my sign?)

Your birthday is 29th June and your sign is … (sounds unsure) Cancer.

That’s correct, I’m surprised he was unsure of my sign though I talk about it all the time. I am one of those annoying people that say “That’s because I’m a Cancer”.

2. What is my middle name?



3. What kind of movies or television programs do I watch?

you like chick flicks, stuff that has a happy ending, now you sort of like horrors and dramas now I’ve got you into them. You just love a romance.

I do love a good chick flick. Still not the biggest fan or horrors or dramas, I don’t like things with a lot of suspense – it makes me too nervous.

4. When, how, or where did we meet?

We met in [says place we used to work together] around October time 3 years ago.

Correct. We were working together there but we didn’t really talk properly until the December.

5. Where did we go on our first date?

To the cinema to watch a really sh*t horror film.

Correct and I can confirm that the film was pretty crap!

6. What colour are my eyes?

Blue but, they change colour depending on your mood.


7. Whats is your favourite thing about me?

Your beautiful smile.

How bloody sweet.

8. Who is the dominant one in our relationship?

Me. Definitely me.

This is correct. I am a wimp do not try and argue with me I WILL CRY.

9. What will I spend hours doing, if I could?

Makeup and folding clothes.

Makeup; correct. I do enjoy folding clothes, don’t know if I could spend hours doing it though. Mind, I basically spend my whole life doing it now!

10. What kind of cake would I want on my birthday?

You would like a, ohh that’s a good question, ummm a Victoria sponge. NO RED VELVET.

Red Velvet is correct.

11. Where would I live if I could live anywhere in the world?

(Says the town I am from) or Italy.

Correct, I am such a home bird but if I had to move somewhere else it would be Italy.

12. Where did we go for our first road trip or vacation?

Paris first holiday but in the car Porthcawl.


13. What is the first thing that I do in the morning?

Check your phone. Oh or give me a kiss.

Haha correct.

Hope you enjoyed this quick and fun post!

K xx

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