If We Met For Coffee…


I saw this post circulating and I thought that it was such a good idea for a post. A sort of get to know me, informal chatty post.

Let’s start off by me saying if we met for coffee I would no doubt be sipping a latte. It is my favourite, my tried and true if you will.

If we met for coffee I would tell you about…

My Son

I know, I know. Every nonparent’s nightmare, mum’s waffling on about their children and how amazing they are; trust me I have been on the receiving end but hey, that’s what me and all the other mums would talk about! I would tell you that I cannot believe my tiny baby is one in August. I would tell you that he is rolling and has put me in the horrible parenting dilemma of “can I put my child here or will he roll off?”. The fact that I am slightly annoyed that I made this child in my womb for him to look exactly like his dad and for his first word to be ‘Daddy’ and now all I have every day is “Dad, Dad, Dad”. How he is so lazy that when he tries to crawl he just gives up and rolls over. Lastly, how proud he makes me and how far he has come on.


I would tell you how the Access Course I am currently doing is coming to and end and I am STRESSED. The fact that I have no idea where to start on my last assignment that my whole mark depends on stress, stress, stress. I would tell you that I am so excited to start my actual degree in October. I will be studying law and I just love it so much. I find it so interesting.


I would tell you that I return to work at the end of next month and I cannot wait. I plan to do a full post on this but, I love my job and I cannot wait to begin working after my maternity leave. I would tell you that I am nervous to be starting in a new office and new department but I am sure that I will get used to it. I would also tell you how nervous I am to leave my baby in the care of someone else :(.

Car Troubles

I would tell you that our car has recently been written off as my partner went down an uncovered man whole (sad times). I would tell you that doing our weekly shop has been so much hassle without a car and that I cannot wait to get another one once we have the money.


Lastly, I would tell you about my life in the blogging world. I would tell you that I am so glad that I restarted my blog. I would tell you that I am so glad that I changed my niche from mostly makeup to mostly mummy bits with fashion, lifestyle and makeup sometimes thrown in. I am so much happier with the variety now and am finding it so much easier to write. I would tell you that I am so glad that I joined twitter and love the community and positivity that comes with it. I would tell you that I am also really enjoying joining in with twitter chats.

What would you tell me if we met for coffee?

K xx

26 thoughts on “If We Met For Coffee…

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  1. I think it’s cute when people talk about their children! And I would be able to talk about blogging with you easily! Very good post, we have a few things in common I see! Xx


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      1. I’m doing Child and Youth Professional Studies☺️ I see you’re doing law, a couple of my friends have gone on to do that and they love it!☺️

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  2. Best of luck with your degree; it’ll be hard but so worth it! I remember when my son was rolling and I thought it was the hardest thing to deal with, now he’s trying to walk and my nerves are already shot! Every time he tries I’m worried he’ll knock his front teeth out!! 😫 Gemma xx || BeautyBlitzBlog.com

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  3. This is such a different take on the “get to know me tag”! I never liked tag posts but I love what you’ve done with it. I would’ve never thought of something like that. Maybe I’ll steal your idea in the future? 😉
    P.S.: Thanks for sharing your link with me on Twitter.
    Aria | All Souled Out

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