5 Boys Names I Love But Wont Be Using!


I thought this may be quite a fun little post to write. I am hoping it may inspire you if you are expecting a baby boy. The reason I am only writing a post about baby boy names is because I find boys names much much much easier to choose than girls names. Before I even knew if I was having a boy or a girl, I had a boys name that I loved and ended up naming my son (his name is Oscar, I bloody love his name!). I just also wanted to say that I love very traditional names for boys, I do not like anything wacky. So, some of you may find this list incredibly boring (hopefully not though, haha).

  1. Finley: I think this is a beautiful name for a little boy but, my partner’s last name begins with an F and we just felt like it didn’t fit.
  2. Noah: The problem with this name is that my partner doesn’t like biblical names so that ruled that straight out!

* Warning* The rest of the names we will not be using purely because my partner doesn’t like them (because he is a fool).

      3. George: One of my favourites 😦

4. William

5. Edward

Hope you enjoyed this little post and that it gave you some inspiration. Let me know your favourite baby names!

K xx

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