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I am currently on maternity leave and am due to go back to work in about a months time and as a lot of you fellow mummy’s out there will know – after you have a baby certain items of clothing no longer bloody fit and/or no longer look right on your body shape. So, I had to purchase some new pieces to update my wardrobe.

Let’s start off with Primark. I was in despite need of a nice handbag (which wasn’t a mum bag) and I knew exactly what shape I wanted and that I wanted it in black. Well, low and behold they had this beauty in Primark for only £10 and I couldn’t leave it there.


Next, also from Primark, I bought this blue and white checked shirt. I loooved the sleeves on this and the fact that they were rolled up like this. I think this would look beautiful tucked into either white cigarette trousers or white wide leg trousers with a brown shoe! I also think that this would be amazing with white jeans for a more casual look!


Now, let’s move onto H&M and this is where my card took a real beating. I personally think that H&M has the best selection when it comes to workwear. First, I bought this white shirt which is just so classic and such a staple for and workwear wardrobe.


Following on from that I bought this pink shirt. I feel like a pink shirt again is a classic but, I feel like it adds a little something instead of just being the standard.


Next, another staple a plain black pencil skirt. I feel like H&M skirts have such a lovely fit and they look so professional as well. It’s also got a slit in the back to add a little something.


The last thing I bought I am absolutely obsessed with. It is this beautiful plain black (I think they are called) tuxedo dress. I think this looks so professional but really fun and statement at the same time. This could also be worn out with a pair of killer heels and some amazing accessories!


If you have any suggestions for any amazing places to shop for work wear please let me know!

K xx


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  1. Excellent pieces!! Adore the tuxedo dress, kinda resembles a waist-coast! Either way it’s totally figure flattering, great choices 😀

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